Other international projects

Period: 2019-2022

Donetsk State University of Management (Ukraine) - project coordinator
Donetsk Law Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (Ukraine)
Mariupol City Council (Ukraine)
University of Genoa (Italy)


  • Promoting Better Social Cohesion and Economic Development in the Eastern region of Ukraine
  • to create an innovative educational environment for students, academicians and community with an appropriate modern infrastructure by creating an Educational Open Space for students and community (EduSpace) with a wide range of student services
  • to reconstruct the educational building № 3 of DSUM (Makara Mazaya St.15, Mariupol), providing displaced educational universities with the necessary modern libraries, conference rooms and sports facilities, which will help to strengthen the infrastructure of the displaced universities and the effectiveness of their work
  • to create a Centre for Environmental Education
  • to develop and implement Master’s Programs 'Community Management' and 'Conflict Management and Mediation'
  • to coordinate educational programs with labour market needs and community demand
  • to contribute to development of social activity in the city and the region, involving the local community into development and promotion of EduSpace
  • to institutionalize and develop student self-governance of the displaced universities
  • to strengthen the inter-institutional cooperation between the displaced and local universities

Project team:
Guido Franco Amoretti [Contact Person] guido.amoretti@unige.it
Diana Spulber diana.spulber@unige.it

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