KA 107

General Objectives:

  • implement the attractiveness of the University;
  • promote excellence in higher education;
  • strengthen transversal skills for inclusion in the labour market;
  • make best use of new technologies;
  • raise the quality of teaching and professional skills;
  • increase quality student mobility.

Period: 2018-2020

Republic of Moldova -

Responsible: prof. Guido Franco Amoretti

Evaluation score: 92,5

State University of Tiraspol, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
International Institute of Management IMI NOVA, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Project Objectives:

  • Promotion of knowledge and cultural exchange between HEIs
  • Promotion of best practice exchange in field of inclusion.
  • Improvement of teaching methodology in Sustainable Tourism
  • Dissemination of good practice on inclusion and Sustainable Tourism CV courses teaching

Republic of Azerbaijan -

Responsible: prof.ssa Nicoletta Varani

Evaluation score: 88

Baku Eurasian University, Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan University of Languages, Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan

Project Objectives:

  • to improve the quality of teaching in field of multicultural, Intercultural Studies, Social Development and new types of sustainable tourism
  • to develop the new strategies of collaboration by creating an Italian-Azerbaijani network of in the field of multicultural, Intercultural Studies, Social Development and new types of sustainable tourism.
  • to promote the exchange of scientific and didactic experiences in the fields of intercultural education, intercultural geography, sociology of migration processes

Period: 2019-2021

Republic of Ukraine -

Responsible: prof. Franco Bochicchio

Evaluation score: 92,5

Berdiansk State Pedagogical University, Berdiansk
Donetsk State University of Management, Mariupoli

Project Objectives:

  • to disseminate the didactic-methodological know-how developed by Disfor on the themes of adult learning and intercultural education
  • share the knowledge and skills on the Italian university education system concerning administrative support to the educational processes of Adult Learning and Intercultural Education
  • promotion the exchange of methodological didactic knowledge concerning the communication design and evaluation of training activities for adults.
  • improvement of administrative procedures in support to didactic activities concerning the promotion and organization of training activities for adults, to improve the management of documents supporting the evaluation
  • promotion of knowledge in the field of adult education, intergenerational and intercultural education, favouring the widening of horizons on the Adult Education system